The 13-Question Genius Test


Note: There is no time limit. Do not randomly guess.

Solution Tips

1. Don't get misled by irrelevant information.

2. Don't get overwhelmed by the problem. Know what to extract from the information provided.

3. Use basic skills you already know to start the problem.

4. Don't rush into a "fast answer", Think through the problem.


1. Two U.S. coins add up to 55 cents.

If one of them is not a nickel, what are the two coins?

2. Make ONE WORD from the following

jumbled letters: 0 R E N 0 D W.

3. An explorer found a coin marked 7 B.C. He was then told it was a forgery. Why?

4. I have only nickels, dimes and quarters. The total number of coins have is 15; the value of all the coins is $1. How many of each coin do I have?

5. A soldier has been captured by the enemy and sentenced to die. His captors say, "If you tell a lie, you will be shot. If you tell the truth, you will be hanged." He makes a statement and goes free. What could he have said?

6. Which is greater? The average rate of a car going uphill a distance at A miles per hour and downhill the same distance at a different rate, B miles per hour? Or: the average of the rates of A and B?

7. Terry is half as old as Alice was when Alice was 5 years older than Terry is now. How old is Terry now?

8. Complete this analogy. "Imaginary numbers" are to "real numbers" as:

A) spiritual is to global

B) circle is to square

C) prime is to rational

D) negative is to positive

E) disordered is to ordered

9.In 10 seconds can you figure out (without a calculator) which is greater:354 x 357 or 355 x 356?

10.At a department store, a watch is discounted 20 percent, and then 30 percent after the first discount is applied. Would I be better off if the watch had a single discount of 50 percent?

Why or why not?

11.A lawyer is arguing for $1 million in damages, based on the following: The lawyer's client goes to an art museum and sees a painting of Marie Antoinette at the guillotine. The client falls asleep and dreams of the painting. A guard comes over to the client because the museum is closing. The guard lightly taps the person on the neck, just as the client is dreaming about Marie Antoinette's head being chopped off. The client dies of a heart attack. The lawyer claims that tap provoked the heart attack because the client associated the tap with the guillotine coming down. Why was the lawyer not awarded any money? In fact, why was his license revoked?

12.A professor has three red hats and two white ones in a bag. He puts one hat from the bag on each of three students' heads and covers the bag. Each student is equally smart, and each can see the color of the hats on the other students, but can't see the color of his own. The first student looks at the two other students' hats, thinks a while and then says he does not know the color of his own hat. The second student looks around at the other two students and also says he doesn't know the color of his hat. The third student says he knows the color of his hat. What was the color and how did he get his answer?

13.You have 12 balls of the same color and size. But one of the balls has a different weight - either heavier or lighter - than the others, which all have the same weight. If you have a balance scale, in only three weighings, you can determine which is the odd ball and whether it is heavier or lighter than the other 11.

How many balls do you put on the balance scale in the first weighing to determine the answer?

(A) 6 on one side, 6 on the other

(B) 5 on one side, 5 on the other

(C) 4 on one side, 4 on the other

(D) 3 on one side, 3 on the other

(E) 2 on one side, 2 on the other


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