Honors Credits FAQ

1.      Five honors credits are expected each marking period, they will generate a test grade.

2.      All honors credits require prior approval

3.      Approval of honors credits must happen outside of class time

4.      One honors credit requires approximately one hour of self-study, one page typed summary (times new roman 12 point font, double spaced, works cited, only one line for name and title)

5.      Approval form must be stapled on top of your written work, and you must load your work into turn it in.

6.      4 credits are required by the seventh week of each marking period; only one credit may be turned in during week eight. See www.mrschutz.com for dates.

7.      No credit will be given for prior experiences.

8.      Nature walks require a licensed naturalist.

9.      Zoo and museum trips require a precise focus and extensive research beyond the actual visit.