wellspring letter

June 9, 2015


Thank you again SO much for continuing to support Wellspring at Plainedge. I can't tell you how much the efforts of the Science Honor Society have meant to our organization, as well as to me personally. It's wonderful to still feel connected to the place I called home for so many years. 

Attached is your official thank you letter and receipt for your donation. I was also hoping you could forward along the following information to the Science Honor Society members about our upcoming event, Wellspring Day. I would love to see some of their faces there. Here is the information:

Wellspring Day 2015 will take place on Saturday, July 11 at the grounds of the Plainview Reformed Church. The day will be a combination of education and activism with bottle collection and sorting as well as activities focused on the issue of water scarcity and supply in Africa. The event is a part of Wellspring's Summer Campaign for Clean Water, a campaign to raise the funds for water systems in Jambanjelly Village, the Gambia and Hamilton, Sierra Leone. Both communities are in dire need of clean, safe and accessible water and we hope to complete these two projects by the end of the summer. 

Wellspring Day is open to EVERYONE and is free to attend. If students are in need of community service or volunteer hours, we at Wellspring can provide proof of their volunteer hours for participation in Wellspring Day and for redemption of bottle. All donations made are tax deductible. 

Please bring friends and family and share information about the event with your networks through social media with #WellspringDay2015. You can RSVP to Wellspring Day on Facebook, like our page, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @WellspringH2O for more info, photos, and updates. 

Instagram and Twitter: @WellspringH2O

Thank you so much and I hope to see some PHS students representing on Wellspring Day!

best always,
Kimberleigh R. Costanzo


David Schutz
Plainedge High School Science Department
516-992-7530 X 4080