General Lab Write up Instructions.                        Schutz

1.      Formal Labs must be typed, double spaced, black ink on white paper 12 point Times new roman or equivalent font. In addition to turning in a printed copy, your final document must be uploaded to "Turn It In"

2.      Labs will have a cover page which will include; Teachers name, Students name, Title and date. No points will be given for cover art or decorations.

3.      Labs will be stapled together in this order 1. Cover page 2. Your typed write up 3. Diagrams, graphs and data sheets (if included) 4. Classroom Lab sheets (no plastic covers please)

4.      Students should use a computer with Word or equivalent software, be sure to use spell and grammar check. Save your work often to make corrections and revisions.

5.      Students will have the opportunity to bring rough drafts to extra help, sit down with me and receive suggestions for improvement. Labs cannot be “dropped off”.

6.      Labs turned in early will receive up to 5 extra points; late labs will lose 10 % each day late. If you are absent have a classmate or parent bring your lab to me. Labs are to be turned in during your science class not later in the day. There are computers and printers for student use in the library (both school and public). Please plan ahead you have been given two weeks to complete this task, it is sad that students often lose points for lack of printer ink.

7.      Lab write up will include the following sections

1.  PURPOSE of the lab.  What were we trying to accomplish?  This may be in the form of a question (the problem) or just a statement telling what the purpose of the lab was. Background information goes in this section.

2.  State your HYPOTHESIS.  If possible, phrase it as an IF…THEN statement.  However, this may not always be possible.  In this case, just make sure you write down a prediction of what you expected to happen during the lab.

3.  MATERIALS:  No needs to retype this if it’s on the class packet just write see attached.

4.  PROCEDURE:  No needs to retype this if it’s on the class packet just write see attached.

5.  DATA section:  Include all observations:  data tables, drawings, charts, etc.  Observations may be quantitative (numerical) or qualitative (visible features or characteristics.)  DO NOT MAKE ANY INFERENCES & CONCLUSIONS HERE!

6.  SAMPLE CALCULATIONS:  If you perform mathematical computations during lab.

7.  CONCLUSION:  This is the most important part of the lab and will count for the most points.  What sense can you make out of the data?  Come up with explanations to what you have observed, and try to tie all the observations together.  Every inference and conclusion should be supported by the data (observations) collected.  In addition, make sure you discuss whether or not your hypothesis was supported by the data.  Some labs will have a list of conclusion questions in them.  Work the answers to these questions into your conclusion, but do not have a conclusion that is just a list of answers.  Finally, remember that if you write the dreaded statement, “My hypothesis was correct” it may result in zero points for this section of the lab.