Classification - The grouping of living things according to similar characteristics.

Taxonomy  - The science of classification used to group all the organisms on earth in an orderly system.

- Aristotle - Greek philosopher - Three groups of animals - Flying, Swimming, Walking (Bird & Bat?)

- John Ray - Classified plants - First to use term Species.

Species - a group of organisms that are able to interbreed and produce young.

Carolus Linnaeus - simplified naming system, devised binomial nomenclature.

Binomial Nomenclature - Each organism is given two names - A genus name and a Species name.  Genus always capitalized - Species lower case

Two functions of modern systems of classification:

1.  Group organisms according to their basic characteristics.

2.  Give each organism a unique name.

All living things are classified into seven major groups:

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. New books list 8 Starting with Domain Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya

Kingdom: Largest Group.  There are five kingdoms.  ex. all animals are in the animal kingdom - each kingdom is made up of several

Phylum: Second largest group.  Plural Phyla, each Phylum is made up of several

Classes: Made up of

Orders: Made up of 

Families: Made up of

Genus: Made up of


Organisms Name consists of Genus and species    ex.  Wolf is Canis lupus


King      Phillip           Chased          Out               Fat           Green           Snakes


 The five kingdom systems of classification: Plants, Animals, Protists, Monerans, Fungi

Plants - Eukaryote Autotrophs (Make their own food) Most are multicellular and most contain chlorophyll

Animals - Eukaryote Heterotrophs (Can=s make their own food) All are multicellular, and have tissues, most have organs.

Protists - Eukaryote Most unicellular organisms with nuclei.  (microscopic protozoans)

Fungi - Eukaryote Plant-like, however do not contain chlorophyll or make their own food.  (Molds and Mushrooms).

Monerans - Prokaryote Unicellular organisms without a nucleus.  (All bacteria and blue green algae).

The six kingdom classification system divides Moneran in to two different Kingdoms Eubacteria and Archaea