Dynamic HTML  and Java Scripts

Random Floating Image Script - this script can be used to create the floating snowflakes on a winter page, leaves on a fall page, or anything else you want to "float" around on your page.  


Disable right click script:  this script pops up a message when a visitor right clicks on anything on your page.  I used this on pages where I didn't want anyone to download the graphics.  


Drop and Drag Script - this script does exactly that,  it enables the viewer to click on an object and drag it somewhere on the page.  This script was used on the Create a Pond page.


Cursor Trailing Script - Creates little images to follow your cursor around.  It was used on the Environmental Center page and the Under the Sea Unit page.


Drop Down Menu Script - used on the Welcome Page 1999 site


Multiple Choice Quiz Script - creates a multiple choice quiz which is graded online used on the Greek Mythology quiz page


Java Script Quiz - another multiple choice quiz but this one has drop down menus.  I used it on a Greek mythology quiz page.


Falling Snow Script - makes lots of snowflakes fall all over your page.  (I substituted my own snowflake image)  Could be used in the fall for falling leaves. Used on the Welcome Page 


Java Applets

Water applet - takes an image and makes it appear to be underwater - used on the Dauphin Island Field Trip page.


Lake applet - takes an image and mirrors it and makes it appear like a reflection on a lake - used on the How to Create a Pond page.


Jigsaw applet - takes any image and turns it into a  jigsaw puzzle - used on the Greek Monster jigsaw page.

Slider Puzzle Applet - takes any image and turns it into a slider puzzle.  Used on the Fish Slider Puzzle page.

Crossword Puzzle Applet - create your own online cross word puzzle.  Used on the Whales Crossword Puzzle page.


Snow Applet - creates any image into one with snow falling in front of it.


Word Search applet - allows you to input the words you want to use and creates an online word search


Concentration applet - puts a wonderful version of the old memory game on your page.  (note: you can change the images to suit your needs.  I can see if being used for so many different purposes).  I used it on the sea life concentration page.


Book Applet - take images on puts them into a book with pages which turn.


Slide show applet - takes images your provide and turns them into a slide show.  Used on the Greek Open House page.


Coloring Book applet - takes black and white outline images and allows visitors to color them online.

Fireworks Applet - show dramatic fireworks on a page.  Use on black background.  Used on the Awards Page.


Miscellaneous Stuff


Rotating  3-D Banners - create banners online to use for your site!


Button Maker - create buttons online to use for your site - you can use your own images


Lissa Explains It All - this site was written by an 8th grader!  Wonderful help with creating web pages and I got all my trailing cursors from here.  


Transposed images of students in Greece - we used the program Paint Shop Pro to do this.  First we took a picture of the student and cut out the portion of the body we wanted to use.  Then we layered it on top of a picture of a scene from Greece and suddenly there we were in Greece!  View the pictures by clicking here.


Borders around graphics - we used the program Print Shop version 10 to create neat backgrounds and borders around many of our photographs.  You can also use Paint Shop Pro to do the same thing.


Web Sites I suggest for Java Scripts and Applets










Java Boutique

Java Playground


GIFPILE - Build it yourself- this site has links to other sites where you can build buttons, banners, etc. for your pages online.

Graphic Links

There are so many places on the internet to get great graphics for your web pages.  Below I have listed some of the wonderful places I visited.

Adorable Backgrounds

Original Country Clipart by Lisa - most of the graphics for my pages came from this site

Paint Pots

Michelle's Country Graphics

Graphics by Camille

Becki's Garden

Cottage Row

Sharon's Land Of Hearts 

Graphics by Snogirl

Melanie's Heartspun Graphics

Creations by Janice

Christmas Graphics by Lisa

Laurie's Treasure Chest

Linda's Graphics

Mary's Little Lamb

Cindy's Heartworks

Graphic Garden

Graphics by GranGran

Jo's World - Animations

Holiday ClipArt

The Coop

The Mousepad

A Touch of Country

The Graphic Station

Hobo's Web Graphics

Cottonwood Designs

Billy Bear

SubKidz by SubDesigns

Moon and Back Graphics

Heartfelt Graphics


Background provided by Original Country Clipart by Lisa