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A tarantula is a large, dark brown, hairy spider. Its body is one to three inches across and its strong legs can stretch out about seven inches long. A tarantula has eight eyes grouped together on top of its head. It has jaws with poison glands although its bite is harmless to humans.

Tarantulas can be found in southern and western United States and the tropics in Europe. They live on dry ground or sand in burrows which they line with silk to prevent the earth from failing in.

Tarantulas are nocturnal hunters. They leave Their burrows at night to hunt for food. They like to eat crickets and other bugs along with small frogs and mice. The tarantula can't chew so it must paralyze its prey by injecting its venom into it. Then it crushes its prey and sucks the juices out.

Tarantulas sleep from winter to spring and get around by crawling. They shed their skin as they grow out of it. This is called molting.

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