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Smart Response formally SENTEO

Downloading Free Notebook Software

1) Go to the above link and scroll down to software downloads

2) Find Download SMART NotebookTM 10 and click on Windows or Mac OS

3) Go to the bottom of the page to downloads and click on -download SMART Notebook 10 Software complete instillation 

4) Input the key code NB-AEDSS-CSI9M-UPEVV-ZQDAQ (without the product key you can get a free 30 day trial)    


Free Websites and Resources (That look great on the SMART Board)

Google Earth:


Elementary School:



Art Pad


Primary Interactive


Puisson Rouge


Busy Teacher Cafe


Storyline Online


Scholastic Activities


Middle school:

Cool Math 4 Kids


Arcademic Skills Builders: Educational Games


Scholastic Activities


Time for Kids


High School:



Scholastic Activities


Cell Biology Animations


Create a Graph


Grammar Exercises


Math Activities


Regents Prep


Lesson Downloads and Leave Behind

1) Go to the website-look for the sign up section on the right side of the page

2) Click on sign up- follow the instructions

3) After you have signed up and logged in go to the yellow downloads tab on the top of the page

4) From the downloads tab you can retrieve lessons to use with your SMART board


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