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American Museum of Natural History

Lincoln Park Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Bronx Zoo

The Smithsonian

Echinoderm Info. Site (thanks Anthony)

Monterey Bay Aquarium on-line

The discovery channelís animal guide

World Book On Line (Requires Password)


The Electronic Zoo

Photo Vault

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Sites by type of animal

Aaron's Monkey File
Contains nice pictures of several different primate species including gorillas and chimpanzees.

The Albatross Project
Students join scientists in tracking the albatross through satellite images and radio transmitters.

All About Lobsters
Learn about lobster history, anatomy, and life cycles.

Animal Diversity Web
Now class, what species and subspecies do tigers belong to? Quick, search the Animal Diversity Web for an extensive database of animal species.

Animal Pictures Archive
See over 20,000 images of insects, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, and birds.

Animal Skull Collection
Have you ever wondered what a bear's skull looks like? This site contains a collection of skulls from mammals to crustaceans.

Animal Trivia
Discover fascinating facts about the animal kingdom.

A simple and primitive site that allows submission of questions regarding primates. While it is not the prettiest, we believe the question submission is invaluable.

The Bat Conservatory
This site contains loads of information about bats. You can listen to bat calls or find some amazing bat facts and trivia.

The Bear Den
Information on the eight species of bear. Includes information on hunting and food-storing habits.

Find out everything you wanted to know about bears!

Bird Source
This site contains loads of information about birds and current nation wide bird projects.

Crayfish Home Page
Contains information on crayfish phylogeny, fossils, pictures, and much more.

Edu-Source Nature Trails
Take a virtual field trip in the online virtual nature center!

Extreme Science
Do you know what the deadliest creature on earth is? Find out here.

FINS: Fish Information Service
An archive of data about aquariums, complete with catalogs about marine fish.

Fish & Creature Care
Find resources and information on how to care for saltwater marine animals.

GeoZoo: Earth Safari
Fascinating information abut mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and more.

The Hall of Mammals
A part of the University of California Museum of Paleontology, the "hall" has a plethora of interesting information on warm blooded animals.

Hands-On:The Florida Aquarium, Lessons from the Sea
Activities for "budding" marine scientists of all ages! Projects can be performed solo or in groups.

Hatchling Heaven
Learn how to care for indoor tortoise hatchlings. Contains information on diet, daily care, and the proper habitat.

The Hawk Conservancy: Bird of the Week
Each week a different raptor is featured. Find out about range, behaviors, and even listen to the bird's "voice."

Journey North
Track wildlife migrations around the globe.

Mabula Game Preserve
Get an up-close and personal look at the animals of the Mabula Game Preserve in South Africa.

Manatee Facts
Find out all there is to know about manatees. Topics include communication, behavior, and conservation.

Monkey Matters
Discover loads of information about different primate species and primate behavior.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Online
Take the Habitats Path Tour and view Monterey Bay marine life. You can also explore an underwater canyon.

A comprehensive guide to the world of nature. Discover interesting facts about animals, people and ecosystems.

New Scientist: Flipper's Secret
Find out how the ability of dolphins to "see" underwater was unraveled.

Primate Gallery
View a list and select pictures of over 200 primate species.

Primate of the Week
What is an Aye-aye? Find out!

The Przewalski Horse
Find out about the re-introduction of przewalski horses to Mongolia.

Do you know what a baby hare is called? Visit this site to find animal names categorized by male, female, infant, and group. Animals N-Z page.

Sharks and Their Relatives
Everything you want to know about sharks. Produced by the Sea World Education Department.

Sierra Endangered Cat Haven
Wonderful site that provides information about endangered wild cats. Includes sections on educational programs about wild cats, cat facts, species information and more.

Tortoise Trust
Contains information on tortoise husbandry, captive breeding, conservation, taxonomy, and veterinary information.

Tracking Otters
Learn about the otters that live on an island in the St. Lawrence River.

Turtle Trax
Keep up with the turtles of Honokowai.

The Virtual Birder: On Location in Maine
Take a virtual safari to early summertime birding locations in Maine.

The Virtual Zoo
Take an on-line tour of the Virtual Zoo.

Provides news and information about killer whales. You can even listen to whale sounds.

WhaleNet: Ask a Scientist
Send all of your questions related to whales here and an expert will answer them.

Wolf Country
Everything you want to know about wolves. Learn about wolf behaviors, wolf facts, wolf myths and more.

Year of the Tiger
"Take an interactive glimpse into the shrinking and endangered world of wild tigers."